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Why Mommy and Me Dress Up Is So Important.

As a fashion stylist but most importantly mommy to a little girl, I want to talk about why mommy and me dress up is so important. I’m lucky to be the mother of a sweet, hilarious, adventurous, fearless, cray cray little girl and this is a special time to bond with my baby. Yes, the saying “You are my baby forever” is oh so real.

Every generation of parents have their ways of bonding with their kids. While I was growing up, my mom was always there for us and still is to this day. Although, the parent/child line was drawn in the sand between my mother and I with the traditional line of “I’m your mother, I’m not your friend”. No doubt we can attribute this approach to our relationship as a very old school way of raising children. However, as a parent in this generation, where kids look to social media for validation, I want to make sure my daughter knows I’m her mother, her best friend, her rock.

I always tell my clients that the way you dress says a lot about you and for anyone who is a parent, your most attentive audience are your children. Kids are quiet little sponges sucking up all the activity they see around them. Philippa makes it part of her daily routine to roll out of bed and meet me in the bathroom as I get ready for the day. As she observes my makeup application, I want to teach my daughter that a woman doesn’t get “dolled up” for an occasion or someone but for herself. I want Philippa to feel confident in her own skin and trust her instincts. (And no, I don’t sit my daughter down and show her how to apply lipstick or makeup, she’s still a baby and I will work tirelessly to preserve that beautiful baby skin; just like my mom did for me. I didn’t wear makeup till I was 24).




It's Tuesday, time for a tutu. Skirt and shoes by Charlotte Russe, shirt by Target, vintage clutch, sunnies by Quay Australia.

It’s Tuesday, time for a tutu. Skirt and shoes by Charlotte Russe, shirt by Target, vintage clutch, sunnies by Quay Australia.



Taking in the view of the iconic Watergate building and hotel.

I want my daughter to know that she can throw on a tutu cause its Tuesday and wear whatever makes her happy. I am her example and I want to show her that fashion and style aren’t about living up to some standard but that it is a creative form of self expression.

If we choose to have another child and it’s a boy, the possibilities of mommy and kids dress up are endless!

Having that mommy and me dress up time is important but more than that, it’s a beautiful thing to look back on when our babies are all grown up. Not to mention how cute those pictures turn out. Soon enough those pictures are the memories we hold onto when our minis spread their wings and fly. (My idea of keeping her in a plastic bubble has been denied) *pffff* “laws” whatever…lolz.

I would love to hear from you, what fun things do you love doing with your mini? Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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