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Cleansing Closets

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of cleansing closets for my clients and BOY has it been fun! Going piece by piece asking the important questions like; when did you get this, what do you wear this with and most importantly, do you really need this? Little did I know that all this time I was cleansing closest the biggest challenge was going to be cleansing my own.

My husband and I decided to move to a bigger apartment so I knew that meant we had to pack just to unpack a few floors up. To make the moving load a little lighter, the logical adult thing would be to go piece by piece in my closet and ask myself the hard hitting

questions. I couldn’t believe what I was holding onto.

Tops 2 sizes too small, graphic tees with rainbows and bears on them and ugly sweaters I never wore when I got them as gifts (years ago). I really had to shake my head and ask myself  “What were you thinking?”.

So after having time to reflect on what I got rid of and all the new space I had in my closet to fill *wink wink*. I wanted to share a few tips on cleansing your closets.

1. If it’s faded, it’s time to say bye bye : Good T-shirts probably have a lifespan of 2 years if that. Your basics are made on a regular basis at Target or even H&M.

2. If it doesn’t fit well, well:  lol – I totally understand why you kept that over priced dress you wore in your 20’s. It was expensive at the time, you partied in it like it was no ones business and “one day you will fit into it again”.  Truth is, when I say “It doesn’t fit well” I’m mostly asking does it fit your current lifestyle?. As humans we are always changing and for us woman weight is a huge part of that. We look at old piece of clothing as a proud or sad moment in our past but don’t realize it might be taking up much needed space in our closets and current lives.  If you’re on a weight loss mission the reality is, when you reach your goal weight you might slip into an old piece or two but most likely you’re gonna want to treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe. Always keep the pieces that fit well and compliment your size NOW. Don’t worry, they make new clothes like all the time! 😉

3. That gift you didn’t want but it’s still in your closet:  Bless the heart of the loved one who gave you that ugly sweater, it’s the thought that counts right? If you’ve had that piece hanging in your closet for more than 2 years without a single wear, I think it’s safe to throw it out. We get these all the time and feel guilty for throwing them out but the reality is, it’s not your style and that’s ok. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. That ugly item may not suit you but can suit someone else, start a donation pile 😉


My move was the event I needed to have a hard look at my closet and ask “Do you really need this?”.  However, you don’t have to up and move to have the courage to look in the back of your closet or drawers. If you are ready to make a change in your life, start with a closet cleanse. Getting rid of things you don’t need and holding onto what serves you NOW is what a good cleanse is all about.

When was your last closet cleanse?

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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