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Farfetch Hero

As some of you may know, I have been participating in some Google Hangouts with the amazing team at Farfetch has been hosting a series of Google Hangouts in the weeks leading up to the holidays and asked me to be a guest and ask questions to their fashion experts.

I had a great time “hanging out” and learning about the latest trends for the holidays. I also got a chance to interact with other fashion bloggers like Donald from Tres Charmant and Mindy from Kind of Luxe, who became a contributor to Latina Blogger Week.

It was really nice of Farfetch to invite me to “hangout” but what was even more surprising, was when they named me their Farfetch Hero!

Once the feeling of shock and excitement came down, I read the rest of the email from Farfetch letting me know that they would be sending me a gift as a token of their appreciation. I didn’t know what to expect but you know me, I LOVE GETTING MAIL! (Like fun fashion related things, not bills lol)

Mail’s here!!!







I’m so honored to be named Farfetch Hero and I wanted to say a huge HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at! Thank you for inviting me to your hangouts and letting me be part of the “Wonderful Store” experience! I love my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag!

A special thanks to Caitlin and Lucinda for all your hard work on these hangouts!

We still got two weeks to go until Christmas, so there are more hangouts to come! I’ll be tweeting about them today before they go live, so look out for the link on my Twitter @stylebypatty.

Again, a ginormous THANK YOU to everyone at Farfetch for naming me their Farfetch Hero!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

P.S. Here are the hangouts I got to be a part of:

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