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An Evening Out With Maxi

What I like about today’s maxi dress guest blogger is that she takes our beloved day time maxi dress and transitions it into evening with a simple blazer. It transforms the maxi dress from day time, boho chic to sexy, sleek, date night outfit. All the way from Las Vegas Nevada, guest blogger Steph from shows us an evening out with maxi.

An Evening Out With Maxi

Simple maxi

full maxi dress outfit with blazer

full maxi dress outfit with blazer

Evening with maxi outfit

From the spiked wedges to clutch to blazer, the entire outfit is a winner for me. Just a simple addition of a blazer and I feel like we’re looking at a different dress all together!

Thanks so much to Steph for taking the time to put this outfit together for me and sharing it with everyone.

Make sure to check out Steph’s blog that she co-writes with her fashion forward sister Aneley and follow them on twitter @pepajuliette.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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