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Baby Bump Style Week Recap

Last week on the blog, we had a great group of style and fashion bloggers showing off the latest trend, the baby bump! It was refreshing to see these young moms be stylish, sexy, cute and modern without having to wear maternity clothes that didn’t reflect their personal style.The posts and pictures were so beautiful and inspiring that I had to recap baby bump style week and say a BIG THANK YOU to the following bloggers:


Rachel from the blog The Rachel Ross showed us her baby bump style in a beautiful coral colored summer dress that is both bump and post bump friendly. Thank you so much Rachel for taking time out of your busy mommy schedule to be part of such a fun style week.


Next up was Cara from the Hawaiian based blog Hi Tea Style sharing her favorite baby bump style must have pieces. Cara’s must have piece; her kimono jacket. Thank you Cara for taking part last week, I really appreciate you being part of the blog!


Stephanie Barger from the style blog The Darling Two showed us her impeccable baby bump style with a special winter cape look. Stephanie recently had her baby girl and is already showcasing her post baby bump style on her blog. Stephanie, I can’t thank you enough for being part of baby bump style week!


And Stephanie from the lifestyle blog Peplum + Coffee shared her honest view on pregnancy and what style pieces are a must have in your closet for your growing baby bump. Stephanie also recently had her baby and is now a fitness journey back to her pre baby body. Thank you Stephanie for being part of the blog! I’m following along on your fitness journey and it’s inspiring! Keep at it!

Thank you again to these fabulous mamas for participating in baby bump style week!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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