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Chanel Presentation, Paris Fashion Week 2014

So happy to have one of my favorite bloggers and chic fashionistas, R from Haute So Fabulous share coverage of the AHHHmazing Chanel presentation from Paris Fashion Week 2014. Trust me when I say you will never go sloppy to the grocery store again!


In all it’s Parisian fabulosity, last week the Grand Palais was transformed into the chicest shopping destination in the history of well, Chanel chicness. However, it was not simply any old store but a Chanel SUPERmarche and the very stage from which Karl Lagerfeld showcased his latest offering for Chanel’s AW14 RTW collection. Never one to send his girls down a simple catwalk, oh goodness gracious no, this season Mr. Lagerfeld outdid even himself and his usual unusualness by creating the most avant-garde runway show we ever did see.

chanel 2

Before taking their seats, guests were free to roam the aisles where 500 everyday products turned into the prettiest double C’d goods that would have any Chanel lover feeling like the ultimate fashionista in a Chanel superstore. Jambon Cambon, eau de Chanel, Tweed Tea, Haute Ketchup and Chanel Bon Bons stocked the shelves from floor to ceiling. From fresh produce to a hardware department housing a chainsaw with real Chanel chains alongside Chanel branded spades and hammers. Models, including Queen Delevingne who opened and closed the show, strutted their Chanel stuff throughout the store like they were simply living the everyday Chanel shopping dream.

chanel 3

Coco Rocha and Kendall Jenner share the latest chicness while doing their catwalk duties.

chanel 4

It really was a feast for the eyes.

chanel 5

Chanel chained shopping baskets.

chanel 6

Chanel eggs anyone?

chanel 7

The 80 year-old designer’s imagination simply never fails to deliver the goods!

Oh yes gosh and the clothes, lets not forget the clothes. A clear mix of classic Chanel staples and youthful street-style, the collection told the tale of fast fashion with ample amounts of luxury! Just like the set from which it was revealed.

chanel 8

chanel 9

chanel 10

chanel 11

chanel 12

As the show came to a close, a message from the PA system spoke to the audience: “Dear valued customer, the Chanel store is closing. Please pick up your complimentary fruit and vegetables as you leave.” Which of course is where the looting began and security checks upon departure were enforced. Hey, even celebrities get a little carried away in the heat of such Chanel moments.

Most definitely the highlight of all fashion week shows this season and the creme de la Chanel in originality and creativity. It makes me wonder what fabulous heights Mr. Lagerfeld will soar to next. Let’s be honest, a trip to your local store will simply never be the same.

Love R x

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