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Farfetch Style Challenge

When I was approached by Farfetch (who I love dearly), to do a style challenge post inspired by their latest issue of The Style Guide, I knew I had to bring my A game. At first I thought: “How am I going to dress up? Where am I going to take pictures? What’s the look I want to go for?” Then it hit me. I opened The Style Guide and saw the Style Profile on Q Mike and my vision for this challenge was clear in my mind. It was time for me to switch it up and go behind the camera.

I was so lucky to style a model who I adore, is my fashion muse and has the exact look I was going for. The challenge: “Be inspired by one of our articles” Oh I think I nailed it…correction, SHE nailed it!

The inspiration: Q Mike

Corporate Portraits

My interpriation

Model Kym rocking the Q Mike look.

Model Kym rocking the Q Mike look.

My main goal for this look was to incorporate Q Mike’s masculine style while keeping a light feminine touch. Kym embodied my vision perfectly!






I have to say, this look and the photo shoot was a collaborative effort by many people. I have to thank Sarah from District Damsel for letting me borrow her jacket. Kym for not only being so kind and awesome but also bringing along her beautiful, sexy slip dress and platform shoes found at her consignment shop Current Boutique. To the property manager and dear friend of mine Ryan for letting us shoot on his rooftop and the BIGGEST THANK YOU of all to my husband for being my photographer, editor and support system to bring this shoot together. Goes to show there truly is magic happening behind the scenes of a photo shoot!

Thank you to everyone for making this shoot a success and thank you to the Farfetch team for inviting me to participate in their style challenge.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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