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Same but different.

I’m so proud to share this editorial photo shoot with you. Once again, I teamed up with one of my favorite photographers and collaborators Dave Mentzer and make up artist Elissa Bettencourt to bring to life this concept I had in my mind called “Same but different”.

The back story

I’ve been friends with my muse Laverne (on the right) for a couple years and always thought she was such a beautiful person, inside and out. I wanted to honor her and style her up in some fun clothes for an editorial photo shoot. So when I pitched the idea to Laverne, she responded with: “You know I’m a twin right?” and that set off many mind explosions. My concept just got bigger and better by adding an identical twin.

People always think of twins as being the same person or liking the same things. I wanted to reflect that in this photo shoot by connecting their obvious similarities but enhancing the traits that make them their own person.

With the assistance of my amazing creative team, Elissa bringing her “A game” with the make up and Dave using film to capture our concept, we came up with these beautiful images that honor being the same but different 🙂

Same difference

What has always been interesting to me, is how the things that make us different are the things we gravitate to the most.

It was so much fun working with Laverne and Shawvan. We got to witness twins being twins and bring out in each other all the things that make them the same but different.

Thank you to my models and my dream team Dave and Elissa. From my brain to in front of the camera, this isn’t possible without you!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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