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The Broken Housewife

To explain the theme of the “Broken Housewife” editorial, I have to do a mini recap of the best and worst moments for women this year. What kicked off 2017 as one of the best moments in this country’s history; The Women’s March in D.C. (Which I had the privilege to attend) and one of the darkest moments this year, the “Harvey Weinstein of it all”, 2017 has shown us just how much strengthen, power, pain, resiliency and courage women have and can endure. No two women are a like, no two mothers are the same, but the common thread among women is the burden they bare as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, worker, career chaser, entrepreneur, creative, enthusiast etc. I joke with my friend Angelica Talan that as women, we are everything to everyone. I refer to myself as “The Gary” from the HBO show VEEP to my family. And yes, I always carry a bag that has everything in it, I do have legit shoulder pain and I often whisper reminders into the ears of my husband, daughter, friends and clients. My question is, “Where’s my Gary?”

Here is where the idea of the “Broken Housewife” popped into my head. Women keep up so many appearances, have so many responsibilities and wear so many hats, at some point, somethings gotta give. I couldn’t think of a better time period in fashion history where outward appearances and the obligations set by society were so oppressive for women, than in the 50s and 60s. The idea of the bough finally breaking is what I wanted to convey in this shoot.

Adding a modern twist to a classic style, I teamed up with vintage clothing, boutique owner Allison Strang of The Nebula Shop. Model Kym Laird, make up artist and hair stylist Crisgita of Style Me Bar and photographer Dave Mentzer to bring you this captivating editorial of “The Broken Housewife”.

Housewife in yellow dress
Housewife in yellow dress bored
Housewife in yellow dress looking at toys
Housewife picking up toys
Housewife in yellow dress frustrated with life.
Housewife drinking wine in the middle of the day
Housewife in pink dress getting call from husband
Housewife in pink dress getting call from husband
Housewife taking a moment to herself
Opening a propane tank in heels
Housewife has broken
Housewife opened a gas tank and walks away
Housewife in red dress, she has broken
Housewife in red dress, she has broken
Housewife in red dress, she has broken, cooking
Housewife with menacing smile
Housewife with an evil laugh
the broken housewife
The bough breaks
When its just too much

Thank you to my amazing team of creatives for this stunning shoot! I couldn’t have done this without you! You were all instrumental in bringing these images I had in my mind to life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on “The Broken Housewife” editorial. Leave your comments in the comment section below.

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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