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Finally! I’m Back In My Skinny Jeans!

It’s no secret that I am a curvy girl. I am after all a little Colombiana and come from two types of families where one is on the petite side and the other heavy set. Therefore, the universe was happy to throw me right in the middle of the two and basically chain me to a treadmill for the rest of my life. Not that that’s a bad thing but I have gone up and down in weight my entire life with more “heavier” moments then “skinny” ones. But fear not, this is not a sob story blog but a celebration, a celebration that finally, I’m back in my skinny jeans!

I got these great pair of black denim jeans in South Korea 3 years ago and wore them all the time. Granted I was in Korea and my diet had drastically changed. I was waiting for my husband to come home from a deployment in Afghanistan so I kept busy by working as an English teacher in an elementary school during the day and at night, spent quality time at the gym and hot yoga studio. (I need to write a separate blog on going to a hot yoga studio in South Korea and being the only foreigner in the place…In-ter-es-ting to say the least).

After I came home to the US and reunited with my husband I inevitably put on a lot of weight. It got to the point where all my favorite pieces of clothing were stored in the back of my closet and I had to buy new “larger” clothes. It was depressing but also an eye opening moment. Like Megan from “Bridesmaids” said “You are your problem and your solution” (such a deep profound movie ;)) So I got it together, started working out more regularly, watched what I ate and am now back in my skinny jeans!

proud moment in my skinny jeans.

skinny jeans

YES moment in my skinny jeans!

I watched this inspirational video on by Kat Kim that motivated me to aim high for my weight loss goals. Kim talked about something that was so obvious yet something we never let ourselves do, think positive. We talk about how we can’t have a flat tummy or can’t get tighter arms but what if we just cut out the “can’t” and went for it? Well I did and I must say it’s worked for me in so many ways. I used to say “I can’t run 2-3 miles a day are you crazy?” well, now I do. “I can’t do yoga poses like that, are you nuts?” well, now I am with the help of these AHHHamazing youtube yoga videos by Sadie Nardini.

It’s not easy by any means and I still have a long way to go. But I’ll take this small victory of getting back in my skinny jeans as a highway marker that I am on the right track to getting to where I wanna be!

Bikini in September for my birthday on the beach…HERE I COME!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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