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Fit and Fabulous Friday!

The weekend is finally here, we made it!

On the heels of my skinny jeans post and talking about how working towards my fitness goals has rewarded me with fitting back into my jeans,  I wanted to flip this Fashion Friday into Fit and Fabulous Friday! However, instead of featuring me exercise in tight work out gear *cause I know you all wanna see that, I gotta leave something to the imagination hehe* I wanted to shout out a couple of kick ass chicks who are my fitness heroes from back home. These ladies are OWNING the gym, getting to their fitness goals and looking fabulous while they do it.

Krystyna working out

First fitness hero is my dear friend Krystyna who I met years ago when we were in Muay Thai classes and her husband the instructor, loved torching us with endless circuit drills and sparing rounds that felt like forever *pretty sure he STILL takes great joy in that*. I’ve always admired Krystyna and her dedication to fitness. Since I’ve known her, she always challenges herself in the gym and does exercises and routines I can only squint at in fear lol. I kinda stalk her progress on Instagram and she’s looking fabulous but she’s quick to remind me that it’s not easy, not over night and takes a lot of patience. Did I mention she’s a mother of two adorable little boys? Um yea, I know, the world is an unjust place ;).

caroline working out

My other fitness hero is the Colombian firecracker herself, Caroline. Caroline and I went to high school together and I’ve always thought she was fit and fabulous but most recently, she’s taken her fitness goals to the next level. Caroline made a conscious choice to just flip it all around, cut out the can’t and go for it. She’s developed quite the work out regiment that makes my muscles ache just from seeing her progress on Instagram. I don’t know many girls out there with this kinda determination to reach her best self ever. As you can see, she took on a 10k earlier this year and as her numbers show, she smashed it. Of course she says it can always be better and even on Saturday mornings from the gym, happily reports her workout routine at some unholy hour. I expect no less than 7:50 a mile next time Caroline..pshhh amateur JK 😉

fitness heros

These fit and fabulous ladies really do keep me motivated. Their focus and determination becomes contagious and makes me ask myself “um why am I sitting on this couch right now?” Krystyna and Caroline had no idea I admired them so much and continue to be my motivators to reaching my fitness goals.

Do you have fabulous people in your life that motivate you to be your best self ever? 

Keeping it confident – Patty

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