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Girl Candy

A couple weeks ago my husband and I packed up the kid aka Bradford and drove out to wine country here in northern Virginia. We needed up at a dog friendly winery and enjoyed an afternoon of wine, cheese and beautiful scenery.

As a fashion conscious girl I thought “What am I gonna wear to a winery? what look should I go for? I decided on the boho chic look and even went as far as putting a head band around my head *first time for everything when it comes to personal style* lol


As I put the boho look together, I slapped on the arm candy and thought “Oooh, new nail designs idea!”





A fashionista can never have too much girl candy, what I consider (bracelets, rings, good nail designs). Do you agree?

What’s your favorite girl candy?

It’s a new week, keep it confident! – Patty

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