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Mani Monday

The weekend is over *sad sigh* and Patty’s got herself a new set of nail designs to share with you on this Mani Monday.


My weekends are usually spent with hubby and Bradford riding around town getting some errands done and playing at the park. Going from point A to point B in the car my husband always listens to NPR (National Public Radio). Listening to NPR over the weekend you laugh at funny improv shows like “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me” and some interesting facts about Outter Space. I learned this weekend that Jupiter and Mars will be visible to the naked eye and a comet is coming. A big one, like the one from back in the 90’s, Ahh the 90’s.

Using my favorite colors of summer and inspiration from the stars, you have today’s Mani Monday nail designs!





Just in case you were wondering, Bradford had a great weekend 🙂


Let’s make this week fabulous!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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