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In Home Make Up Bag Over Haul.

I can confidently admit this in print that my make up bag is pretty ridiculous. We all know the standard rules for maintaining your make up bag, throw out mascara after a certain amount of time, clean your brushes often and chuck any make up that has the production date of 2005. Unfortunately, I don’t do any of these as often as I should. So when I partnered up with Aleah from, I knew her in home make up bag over haul was a necessary girl invention that had to happen (even though it was going to be embarrassing and my head would hang pretty low lol). You know exactly what I’m talking about because right now you’re thinking “You don’t wanna see my makeup bag”.

Aleah is a make up artist who is taking personal re-invention to a new level. She wants to educate her clients by starting at the root of every girl’s beauty arsenal, the make up bag. Aleah came over to my place recently to take a look at my make up bag and show me the highlights and lowlights of every single item in my bag. The initial dumping of the bag on my dinner table was like ripping off a band aid, quick but stung a little lol.

She asked me when I got each item, how often I used it and if I could live without it. After the embarrassment went away, the “AHA” moments of proper make up bag maintenance kicked in.


Aleah showed me that mascara should actually be thrown out every 2-3 months, brushes can be washed with warm water and soap then positioned a certain way on your counter to dry better and that a good moisturizer is way more important than a $50 lip gloss. She totally made me think “oh so I didn’t need that $32 eye liner? Aleah’s answer, No! What she did empathize was a good base which is worth investing in; under eye moisturizer, light face moisturizer and a tinted moisturizer with SPF were key to the make up bag. Powders, eye liners, glosses can be on the cheaper side which makes it easier to throw away every 6 months. Cause really, after paying $90 for a Dior compact the last thing you wanna do is throw it out, even if it’s empty now lol.

The in home make up bag over haul was just what I needed to revamp my make up routine and focus on the more important things like good moisturizing. Aleah is a master at what she does and I hope you guys will check her out at

I’m really happy to be partnering up with Aleah to over haul make up bags and closets everywhere, even if it means starting with mine 😉

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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