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Latina Blogger Week: Guest Blogger Mindy From Kind Of Luxe.

Latina Blogger Week continues with Guatemalan born guest blogger Mindy from the blog Kind of Luxe

We are all in search of the perfect dress to wear this holiday season.

I had two priorities this season. First, I wanted something fun and flirty. Second, something that had ‘room to grow’, as in I know I’ll be eating tons so there is no way I want to be restrained in a tiny dress. Finally! So, ok, maybe three priorities: I didn’t want it to be black since that always seems to be my go to.

I set off on an online adventure one Saturday morning hoping I could find the perfect dress right from the comfort of my bed. I knew this task might be a little difficult since I couldn’t try the dress on but I figured I would take that risk.

Clicking and bookmarking, I was starting to get a little disheartened that I wasn’t finding the right dress. I was running out of coffee and patience when I remembered a friend recommending the brand REFORMATION. I clicked their site and I heard a beautiful song in my ears of ‘TA-DA!’. I had found the dress!


This super cute ivory colored dress was perfect! Loose fitting but still flattering, short without being revealing and just the right amount of girly with the fluttered sleeves and neck bow. It was perfect.

I actually really loved how they styled it on their website, so I kept to it when I styled it for my first holiday dinner.


I opted for black tights but making sure they were as opaque as I could find. I like opaque tights the best because they feel younger to me and since my dress was on the short side, no accidentals would be happening (gusts of wind can really surprise you, I know from first-hand experience!).


I matched the dress with some tall ankle booties from Steve Madden that were velvet in texture. The tights and shoes slimmed me down nicely since the dress is loose fitting. The snake print is a nice play on textures.

I styled it with a fitted black leather jacket but I think nude looks beautiful like this Zara one.


Or if you want to go a bit more glam, this faux fur jacket from Zara is divine!

I kept my entire holiday outfit simple with just earrings but layering on some bracelets and rings is super fun for the holidays.

My advice if you can, go glam with the jewelry. This is the best time of the season to wear all your glitz.

Happy Holidays!


I’m loving her holiday dress and loving even more this fabulous Latina Blogger Week that we’re having here on Style By Patty.

Any of these holiday tips help you?

Thank you so much Mindy for sharing your style picks with us and introducing us to Reformation! I’m heading over there now!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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