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Nail Designs from New York Fashion Week 2013

Many of my fellow bloggers in the fashionverse, have covered the many amazing collections out of New York Fashion Week 2013. There have been great reviews and to my love and appreciation, filled with tons of pics to spend hours gawking at. Instead of reviewing all the greatness out of NYFW side note: (my fav hands down by far, the Victoria Beckham collection.) I wanted to talk about another trend that made the rounds for nail designs and nail polish enthusiasts everywhere.

Before you marvel at all the great Nail Fashion (Nail Fashion: my idea of creative use of nail polish and jewels). Let me just say that I fell in love with nail fashion when I lived in South Korea. I would see cute Korean girls rocking some interesting nail colors in very not traditional ways. I instantly fell in love and decided to try my hand at keeping up with the trendy Korean, nail polish queens. I bought different nail polishes once a week and would try using different combinations of colors, jewels and sponge applications. Hey!, a girl had to keep busy while her husband was deployed and shopping everyday was not an option lol. I think I got pretty good at experimenting with different ways to use nail polish and have documented a few that I’m proud of. Seeing Nail Fashion featured as an important accessory in fashion shows last week, makes me really happy to continue buying more nail polish…my excuse to my husband, “it’s either this or daily trips to Target”

Some of my most proud experiments with nail designs.

Some of my most proud experiments with nail designs. featured some great pictures of the nail fashion that was marvelously flaunted by the models at NYFW, check it out!

The nails at Libertine had hand-lain stones that were placed on one-by-one
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