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Nail Designs – High Low Inspiration

For today’s nail designs I used my high low dress from Target as inspiration. I just looked at the dress and let it tell me where to paint 😉 The designs I went with were bold, had all the colors I love for summer and actually pretty easy to apply.

High low dress from Target


nail designs

nail polishes

nail polishes used

I used a different shade of purple as my base since I didn’t want to match the dress exactly but I did take advantage of the kinda messy dots print. I applied my dots by dipping the tip of a wooden cuticle pusher into the nail polish bottle, then a slight tap to clean it off and freely dabbed where I wanted. I needed a little sparkle somewhere, so I used The Face Shop teal glitter nail polish over the Tony Moly mint polish. For the darker pink I used a polish a lovely friend from Korea sent me called Missha The Style and for the lighter pink I went with the good ol’ Milani brand from CVS *sidebar* (have an extensive Milani nail polish collection, it’s kinda

I loved working with these colors to create these nail designs. I would love to see your nail designs so post them to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and show’em off!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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