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The Power Of The Pony Tail

I hope everyone had a great weekend and you’ve had your first sip of a yummy latte to help you get through the rest of Monday. I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers that I have recently become a contributing writer to this great website called The site is the perfect place to get your fix on fashion, beauty, celebrities and fun stuff like giveaways. My first contributing piece is called The Power of The Pony Tail and I would love for you guys to check it out by clicking here.

I was really excited and motivated to write this piece because I wanted to inspire you lovely ladies to take your simple pony tails from boring to eye catching! Nothing like a rainy day inside to kick start the creativity lol!

Make sure to check out for more blog posts from myself and other amazing bloggers.

Have a pony tail style you wanna share? Post it to my facebook at Style by Patty DC or tweet your look to @stylebypatty

Keeping it Confident – Patty

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