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The Tobi Shift Dress You Should Get!

If you read my Collaboration with Tobi post you know that I’m out to change up my style this summer. I’m taking a chance, making a change and trying out clothes with different details I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. So let me tell you about the Tobi shift dress you should get! (If you didn’t catch that Kelly Clarkson reference I has sads now) lol

Shift Dress

Shift Dress by Tobi

The shift dress is sleeveless and has front and back cut outs with a button up collar. Now, typically I would move away from this dress but I’m on the change train so I took a chance and guess what? I love it.

Tobi Shift Dress 4

The dress fits great and I really like the way the dress buttons up at the collar. It definitely adds a different feel to the traditional shift dress and the best part is how easy this dress goes from casual to dressy.

shift dress

I’m a mom and got places to be, so an easy way to stay in the dress but change up the style is through shoes! When I’m about town with Pippa I’m definitely in a comfortable shoe. These glam sandals are by Jewelry Shoes By Pasha.

Shift Dress

Once Pippa is with the babysitter and date night is happening, I change up the look with a bright pump. The green color is a great canvas for introducing colors like fuchsia, purple, orange, gold, or in the case of my clutch RAINBOW!

Pretty sure after reading this you’re happy I told you about the Tobi shift dress you should get. It’s certainly a welcomed addition to my summer wardrobe and I’m glad I took a chance on this dress.

Do you have an item in your closet you’re happy you took a chance on?

For my Australian followers, right now Tobi AU is offering free shipping on all orders in Australia! No minimum on purchases required!!!

Keeping it Confident – Patty

This is a sponsored post

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